Thursday, 14 November 2013

Too tired and not enough time.

I am so so tired today. Was up at 6a.m for work and worked until 15.45.
Stopped off at pc repair shop on the way home to see could they take in hubby's laptop and if so, how much it would be for them to fix it. Came home, collected laptop and back out the door to bring it to the repair shop.
Finally got home, made a coffee and chilled for 30 minutes, then back up to make dinner. Ate dinner, lay on the couch then fell asleep for an hour and a half lol. Woke at 20.30, wrote a letter that hubby needed for a friend at work, made his packed lunch and saw him off to work.
Am only now getting to sit down and chill out properly. Think some hot chocolate with strawberry & vanilla marshmallows floating on top is called for while I finish reading "The Octopus Hook Murders" by Terry Hartley.

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