Monday, 25 November 2013

Travelling to Lakeside.

At 7.15a.m my poor brain was shocked back into consciousness by the alarm going off. Totally forgot I had set it so early. As it turns out, I could have stayed in bed for another hour.
Set off from home at 8.50a.m. The weather was, and still is, chilly but sunny. No heat in the sun mind you. Train journey took us 2 hours and 31 minutes with two changes - Eastbourne to Haywards Heath -London Bridge (which had me trying to remember the nursery rhyme lol) - Greenhithe. Came out of Greenhithe train station and both myself and hubby were instantly confused because it says "Greenhithe for BlueWater"
A worker from the train station helped us out by pointing out tbe bus stop we needed. So right now, I'm on a bus heading to Lakeside. My eyes are stinging and my sides are hurting as I was messing around with hubby at the bus stop and I got a fit of the giggles which resulted in me crying from laughing so much.
Hopefully the rest of the day is as much fun :-)

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