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Earth is in danger!!

Justin Osborne - "EPIC: Legacy"

I really liked Justin Osborne's style of writing when I read "Bitter Fruit: A Taste Of The Antholocaust" and "The Punishment Due" so I was really looking forward to reading the rest of his books. I was fortunate enough to win "Epic: Legacy" in a competition held by Justin. Now, having read his fantasy work, I LOVE Justin Osborne's style of writing.

Earth's population is under threat from an unknown entity as males start vanishing into thin air, and people nicknamed "Transients" have started to appear all over the world.
Deacon McTaggart is a bit of a bad boy (he smokes and swears, albeit not a huge amount). He likes to play his guitar for hours on end and he likes to stick up for those that can't defend themselves or those that have been wronged in some way. His mum sends him to live with his uncle Evon, to try and keep him safe and prevent him from vanishing like all the other males. Deacon finds his uncle to be a bit on the strange side and the stories his uncle tells, even stranger. In proving to his uncle that he's a "man", Deacon ends up extremely drunk and what follows is one of the best stories I have read in a while.

Deacon's character is fantastic - He's a bit of a tough guy, but he has a soft side to him as well. The other main characters are just as good and just as well written: Evon, Morag, Fennan, Inanna, all the way down to Dio (a rather unusual kind of dog).
Avalon is a strange world compared to Abbadon (Earth) but reading each chapter, you can visualize it thanks to the descriptions provided. Follow Deacon and his new found friends as they strive to stop Ubaru'ud from destroying the two worlds.

Justin Osborne did a hell of a job writing this book. From the prologue to the very last word, I was captivated. I didn't come across anything in the story that I disliked. A great story, simply written in a way that was easy to follow, even with the Avalonian dialect (I found it easy to understand).
A 4 star rating from me and I'm already looking forward to reading the next book in this series.
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