Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The birth of eBook Sharing.

Way back, when my hubby presented me with my Kindle Fire HD, I started taking more of an interest in eBooks. I joined some eBook groups on FaceBook and started sharing links to cheap & free eBooks. I was soon sharing more and more links and I began to feel that I was spamming these groups, which I felt was a little unfair so I started up my own FaceBook group specifically for free eBooks:

After several months, I noticed people didn't mind paying money for an eBook if it was a decent one and I wanted to share links of paid for books too. However, a FaceBook group doesn't have a lot of scope to work with, so eBook Sharing's forum was born. Here I could sort links into genres, price brackets and host discussions about ebooks and reading and share my reviews.

My biggest problem with the forum was traffic. I needed members to join. I racked my brains for ways to do this. Sure, I could pester friends to join but I wanted a wider base of possible members. I posted the link on my FaceBook page. I pinned the URL to the top of my FaceBook group and finally, I started a Twitter page: https://twitter.com/eBookSharing2

Finally I remembered my Blog here. I had started it with good intentions but slacked off due to work and personal commitments. Now I have a reason and time to keep it going, so here I am.

eBook Sharing is my baby, and I want to share it with anyone who likes to read.

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