Thursday, 2 August 2012

Fifty Shades of disappointment....

I'd been hearing from friends on the net and off that Fifty Shades was the next best thing since sliced bread. So when I got my copies I was all prepared to feel hot and bothered whilst reading them.

I have read steamier Mills & Boon novels!!!!!

I liked the Anastasia character, I could identify with her in some ways. As for Gray, I wanted to slap him upside the head at times. He irritated the hell out of me with his overbearing ways.

The sex scenes, the ones that friends claimed had them blushing, were so disappointing. Not once did I feel tempted to run out and buy a grey tie LOL. Honestly, maybe I had too high of hopes for these books and possibly because S&M is just not my thing.

I felt things were repeated too often, Anastasia biting her lip for instance.

For me, the best part was Ani's Inner Goddess and her Sub Conscience. These two I thought were hilarious and they constantly made me giggle.

My score for all three of these books out of ten would have to be 5. I haven't even bothered to finish the third book, that's how non-impressed I am with the trilogy.

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